Indigo Bridge

Chief Black Fox extends himself to the Community for travel assistance to return his mother to Crown Point, NM.

Chief Black Fox met with Seminole Chief James Billy and Tribal Council Members in Hollywood, Florida 18 February 2014. Meeting was an embrace of solidarity.  

Also to Chief Black Fox's Brother, Brother David Shelley. 

Any donations for Chief's Mission spreading his Vision for Indigenous Sovereignty are gratefully accepted.

We thank you for supporting Chief Black Fox to travel from Standing Rock, NM to Winona, MN to bring 20 sheep back to Navajo Land for the youth.  

Thank you so much for your support!

Mission Statement:  Indigo Bridge was founded by Chief Delbert Black Fox Pomani of the Dakota Tribe.  He has been entrusted with the vision to unite Indigenous Nations under the People of the Earth Treaty.  This Non Profit Organization is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes specifically to promote, preserve, and enhance native nation's customs and ceremonies, by retaining their human and treaty rights, as well as promote their socio-economic and natural resource development.  To recognize the Chief and Elder Societies, and all those not yet thought of.

Chief Delbert Black Fox Pomani

The Vision behind Indigo Bridge
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Indigo Bridge Brazil

               The Signing of the People of the Earth Treaty

During the ceremonies, led by Chief Delbert Black Fox Pomani, the Sovereign Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Tribes will adopt the tribes into their sovereignty, and will sign The People of the Earth Treaty.  This will give the tribes a voice in the United Nations where the Lakota have a seat.  The assembly will be a joining of the fires of many tribes into one nation under God to bring hope, love, faith, charity, and life back to the old ones who have gone beyond. The signing of the treaty will protect the traditional dances, songs, language, ceremonies, mineral rights, and burial sites for future generations of Indigenous people.  It will also support the restoration of their tribal structure. 

       All Nations Gathering of Treaties & 
Indigo Bridge 

All Nations Gathering of Treaties & Indigo Bridge is a vision that has been entrusted to Founder Chief Delbert Black Fox Pomani, of the Wanagi Ska Band of the Dakota Tribe to fulfill.

Turtle Island - North America 

The Mission of All Nations Gathering of Treaties is to create an Indigo Bridge uniting Indigenous people.  Forty-seven chiefs from around the nation are members.  One Elder from the Apache, Hopi, and Iroquois Nations is needed as well.

After the treaty is signed with the Hawaiians, we will sign the treaty with the Huichol, Mayans, Brazilians, Tonga, Maoris, and other tribes around the world.
The other part of the mission is to establish a Chief/Elder Society between the tribes of Turtle Island (North America).  The society will divide the country into 4 parts, with a governing chief from each region, and a council of Elders under this chief.

Under All Nations Gathering of Treaties & Indigo Bridge, the children of all nations throughout the world will have a better future and live together in harmony on Mother Earth.  Set forth that no one should break this understanding under God. God bless our water.  God bless our land.  God bless our future.  Please join our assembly.