People of the Earth Treaty

Between the Sovereign Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota Nations
and the Native Nations Worldwide

First Unified Treaty under All Nations Gathering of Treaties


The Sovereign Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota Nations extends this People of the Earth Treaty to our brothers and sisters of the Native Nations around the world as the first Unified Treaty of All Nations Gathering of Treaties.


The purpose of this treaty is to unify one nation preserved by the same fire that burns in each of our homes.  This is the same fire that our grandparents had prayed with throughout the generations.  The parties to this treaty understand that this fire burns for the purity of generations with our people.

This treaty will pave a road for the treaty tribes under the star heaven of the star nation under which we pray.  We agree to this treaty so our grandchildren and the ones beyond, their descendents, not yet thought of can endure with the purity of generations.

This treaty will ensure that our grandchildren and the ones beyond will always keep true to their culture and its values which are essential to our way of life, passed down from all who came before us beginning with our elders, kings, queens, chiefs, and medicine people.

This treaty will ensure the preservation of native education, to include the preservation of our languages, protection of our burial sites, protection of our heiaus, preservation of our hulas, protection of our Sun Dance grounds, preservation of our ways of life, and protection of our ways of prayer.

This treaty is made so that our children can manifest the same understanding and love that was passed on through the generations.  This understanding and love will always be protected and carried on through preservation of our native education.

This treaty will ensure that the knowledge of the elders and their teachings are passed on, and all matters of health care, clothing and housing in addition to preservation, protection and education will be provided through revenue derived from the elders' plans for our agriculture, water, minerals, and our ways of life.

This treaty will protect our grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, and our sisters, our brothers, as documented by lineal descendency to prove our partnership with our land, our water, and our ancestors.  We will continue to help and protect our Indigenous sisters and brothers worldwide under this sovereignty of understanding, and will protect our ways of life through established guidelines.

This treaty will protect our ways of life so that they will be solidified for our children and all future generations, for the happiness of our elders, and for the ones who have gone before us.

We as Indigenous Peoples forgive one another and our Tribal Nations for any misunderstanding, conflict, or injury to one another and from this day forward build a bridge of reconciliation and healing for any unresolved grief and historical trauma.

This Treaty represents the first time in history that a Sovereign Nation has extended treaty rights to another Sovereign Nation, recognized as such under US Senate Joint Resolution 19 of October 27, 1993.

Under God this Treaty will be carried out and the fires will always burn, and for as long as our fires burn this Treaty will carry on for our people.


Definitions of Leadership and Governance to govern with Integrity:

Officers shall be elected by the Council of Elders, and these Officers shall be Chairman/woman, Vice-Chairman/woman, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant of Arms, and Chair of the Council.

Members of the Council of Elders shall be appointed by the people of the Kingdom of Hawai’i and the Council of Chiefs of the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota Nations and shall represent the most fluent and knowledgeable about cultural lifeways, protection of essential ways of life and culture.

Officers and council members shall constitute a government of joint assembly provided by regular elections to terms of office to be determined by agreement of the treaty parties.  The elected government shall appoint a qualified Ambassador to the United Nations who will serve a term of six years.

Any elected member of the government who fails to appear at the convening of the governing body without due cause may be challenged as to their fitness for the elected position, and may be removed by a majority vote of the governing body.

The government established by the officers and council members will be a model structure for governance that may be replicated to all other Indigo Bridge Treaty Nations.

Upon convening as governing body, each treaty party may propose and incorporate elements of strong leadership that will benefit the people of the Sovereign Nations.


Eligibility for the entitlements shall be determined by lineal descendency as shown by the genealogical traditions inherent to each Sovereign Nation.

Each person eligible for entitlements will receive an enrollment number.

Each member of each Sovereign Nation shall enjoy the reciprocal protection and services of either Sovereign Nation while in their presence on their lands.

Native burial, cultural and religious sites are protected under this treaty and by the 1949 Geneva Conventions and subsequent amended Protocols.  Definition of a native burial, cultural or religious site includes land within twenty feet of the identified site.

Native education will be mandatory from pre-school through high school providing language education, music, dance, song, and art as determined appropriate and necessary to preserve the native traditional culture in perpetuity.

The governing body may enter into contracts, agreements, sales, grants, loans and charities to benefit the Sovereign Nations by majority vote with permission of Council of Elders.

Employment in businesses operated by the Sovereign Nations will be maintained at a ratio of 70% Native to 30% Other.

Sovereign Nations may establish their postal stamp, flag, banks and financial institutions which will be recognized under this treaty.

Natives engaged in prayer, worship, or cultural activities at or near burial sites may not be disturbed by any military, federal, or state officials.  Permission to enter Sovereign lands must be granted by the acknowledged member in charge.

Native people shown to be enrolled in the Sovereign Nation may not have their children removed from their homes without their consent and the approval of the governing body.

In the event of dissolution of a marriage, the Council of Elders will determine which adult will best fit any enrolled children of the marriage, and if neither adult is fit and responsible, the Council of Elders will sanction placement of the child with a blood relative within the Nation.

All Native people are entitled to help with the keeping of their fires and the preservation of the teachings of their elders as acknowledged by the governing body through a program of assistance.

Every member of each Sovereign Nation is entitled to a handbook of civil rights, constitution and by-laws for their tribe, group, or nation.

The payment of property taxes on income from business or charity conducted by each Sovereign Nation shall be guided by a study carried out by the governing body in compliance with Native state and Native federal practices.

The governing body may establish a program of educational grants to be awarded to those in need of assistance who are eligible for entitlements.

The governing body may establish a program of scholarships and work education for students of grades 9 through 12 who have achieved a 4.0 grade point average.  The programs will provide opportunities for young people to learn business, governance, traditional ways, roles, and civil rights under the Treaty of Sovereign Nations.


Under the knowledge and friendship of this treaty, our goals for one another are to share and protect our treaty rights, and to protect our sisters and brothers throughout our Mother Earth who are struggling under their Sovereign status and know how to carry out their visions.

As all tribes under this Star Nation and standing on this Mother Earth, we can open the minds and hearts of the other countries with Indigenous populations.

We will stretch to further our understanding of leadership from all countries, the Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota and Hawaiian Sovereign Nations.

We are examples of leadership who share the understanding of Aloha and the understanding of Wopila in both of our cultures.

With this Treaty we bring our nations together under God from here and evermore.

The signatures of the chiefs of the Indigenous Nations below establish through this treaty the joining into a single unified Nation.