Indigo Bridge Programs

Indigo Bridge will seek to effect significant improvements to economic environments. Goals include aiding and supporting projects that provide safe, affordable housing, engineering strategies for job creation, and green energy potential, developing capital and enhancing the Treaty Nations’ governance systems ability to function effectively. Collaborative and comprehensive efforts that stimulate community participation and empowerment, directly correlated to their needs will be given top priority. Providing assistance as needed to local tribes with establishing their governance will ensure secure and confident leadership. We plan to provide legal assistance and technical advice as needed to allow for the growth and development of healthy commerce, trade, energy and agricultural development.
  • Library Development for the preservation of Indigenous languages, cultures, traditions, and actual history to be made available and where the Voices of indigenous people will be represented. The intention is to build four libraries in the four directions. The first library to be completed will be the permanent home of the People of the Earth Treaty. The Library will include a cultural center and lecture hall, where tribal members and leaders will be invited to share their knowledge and traditions. The libraries/Cultural Centers are a promise that our heritages are preserved and protected for those not yet thought of.
  • Language Preservation and Revitalization Program for the dissemination of language lessons, and creation of language programs and curriculum, and the recording/archiving of Indigenous languages.
  • Healing centers accessible to all community members, as well as shelters and diverse forms of assistance necessary to create a healed and whole population still dealing with historical and collective trauma.
  • Greenhouse Program to grow endangered indigenous plant species, food & healing medicines.
  • Indigenous Arts Preservation Program to preserve our sacred arts including jewelry, pottery, music and dances
  • Pony Money Program to help young people as they go out into the world.
  • Kids Camp, where Elders can spend time with our children.
  • Job Creation Program to involve youth in the communities where they live. We intend to create scholarship and internship programs.
  • Safe Houses for runaways and youth dealing with domestic abuse, neglect, or gang violence. The Safe houses will create a supportive and caring environment with adult mentors.
  • Pen Pal Program for children around the world who will grow to know and help each other in ways we can only imagine as they connect with each other.
  • Recovering and restoration of Indigenous Land